Build a WordPress website

Flexible, scaleable
Free and used by leading brands
A more creative option

Thousands of beautiful templates to choose from

WordPress is a very simple content management system with a lot of power and used by over 75 million websites worldwide. Many major brands including The New Yorker, BBC, Disney use WordPress. When you build a WordPress website you are not limited on the number of pages you can have or the number of products you can feature. You can also really beef up the SEO tools – it’s like an expensive bespoke website, but for free. Really easy to use, very simple to update – which is why we like to build with WordPress. See below for more



Beautiful and very easy to use

You don’t need to know how to code or have any technical knowledge at all to build a WordPress website. You can learn to use it and build your own fully functional website very easily. There are thousands of beautiful pre-built WordPress templates to choose from. Some are free but we’d recommend investing in a premium theme (usually around £30/40) they’re more beautiful and tend to be easier to use with more options built in. They’re also designed to be responsive – which means they display well on mobile. Once a template is loaded it’s all set up to take your content or to load dummy content that makes the website look exactly like the sample one you saw and then you simply replace the content. Look for a theme that is fully documented

Very flexible

When you build a WordPress website it is highly scalable. You can run large sites and complex ones. You can run high-traffic sites, eCommerce sites, portfolio sites or blogs. On top of the theme which you can change (colours, fonts, page templates) you can add ‘plugins’. These are snippets of code that add different functionality to a website by simply clicking on the plugin you want. There are thousands available to do all sorts of tasks

Getting a WordPress website

1. Choose your WordPress hosting and URL

You rent web space for your website from a hosting company. Choose the package you need and set up your email addresses. If you don’t already have a URL you can get one from them too. You’ll need to buy the hosting and pay the URL registration fee. These are annual recurring fees. Choose WordPress Ready hosting (needs to have MySQL databases usually costing around £5 a month which will buy you hosting for up to 5 websites – which is a good idea for your SEO). When you log in you’ll be able to load WordPress with a few simple clicks – the hosting company will do this for you if you ask. It takes a few minutes to load, then you can log in and start building

2. Find a beautiful theme – there are thousands to choose from

Themes are pre-made websites that you can change.  WordPress comes with free themes – but we recommend buying a premium theme and installing it (usually around £30-40 and takes one click to install).  You can even add in dummy content so you can see how the website works, then you can start changing things. You’ll be able to change colours, fonts, layouts very easily. You can add pages, integrate payment systems like paypal and stripe and end up with a website that looks completely yours

3. Add some special features

WordPress uses plugins to customize the themes. These are snippets of code that you upload with a simple click in the WordPress system. It’s easy. They range from security to advanced SEO. It’s how you add sliders and social media feeds and response forms and payment functions

Our services for a WordPress Website


Choosing and setting up

We’ll help you set up. And we’ll populate the website for you. We’ll advise you on themes to choose and what plugins you’ll need.  We’ll adapt the templates to make them special to you changing fonts, colours and layouts

What you say and how you look

If you choose a WordPress then we can help you with messaging and brand. We’ll also help you with keywords and SEO text. We can provide original imagery and film if you need it – or feel free to use the links to photo libraries. We also provide scaled images so all templates work perfectly.

Getting Found

WordPress comes with advanced SEO tools as plugins. We’ll help you with keywords and SEO text and we’ll optimise each page as we go along. And we’ll provide optimised content for each page with meta text and keywords. We can also provide you with a content plan and guide on how to write optimised content to support your link building SEO.

content not code

Now start thinking about your message
Your proposition, how your story will unfold
How you’ll turn visitors into customers
And how much help you’ll need to get it right

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