A strategy to make sure your website works hard and delivers customers

Your market, point of difference and brand
Audience, proposition and messaging
SEO, Social, Online, Offline, PR

To get the most out of your investment in a new website you need to get the thinking straight first. We’ll help you define your proposition, line up your key messages and sort out how you are going to position your company online. Brand and cut through and putting clear water between you and your competitors is as important top small businesses as it is to large brands. And we’ll think about how the website is promoted and how it supports marketing online, in the real world, with SEO, in Social Media and PR.

Website strategy

content not code

Your website is your marketing hub,
What you say matters

Your website is your marketing hub. Everything you do online, in social media and in the real world should revolve around it. All your posts should point to it and if you have a sales team they should be able to use it as a sales tool. So what you say and how you say it matters because you website has one chance to grab a visitor’s attention, make them want to find out more, to want what you have on offer and then to turn that desire into an action. Visitors want to connect with you and they want to hear your story. Our job is to present you in such a way that it will bring them there in the first place, and then convert them into customers.

Brand and proposition

We need to get the thinking straight first so that we know what to say and how to say it and what you want people to think. The objective is to put clear water between you and your competitors. So we’ll look at who your competitors are and the market you are operating in. We’re talking brand – which isn’t just the preserve of big businesses with big budgets, everyone has one. We’ll look at your message, your proposition and what people think of you. And we’ll review your imagery and how you talk about your product and service. What you say matters, and how you present your brand and how it walks and talks and looks is important.

Detail and messaging

Then we look at specific messaging. What you say, the detail, the keywords you need for SEO. Specifically what information your website needs to give and gather and how it integrates with your social media. You might have content and links to your existing website you might want to preserve. And we’ll look at how the website should be structured. We’ll also look at how it all works with how you run your business and the processes and resources we might need to take account of.

Delivery planning

And we’ll plan the delivery of the website. This is a joined up strategy, thinking not in isolation but a single website strategy that connects build, content, SEO, PR, online and offline and social media. When you think about your website as your marketing hub everything from acquisition to retention, media coverage and recruitment fits into place. The strategic thinking we do up front is important because it is designed to make sure nothing is missed and everything is delivered efficiently. There’s a reason big brands spend time doing this: the strategic process saves time and money by doing it up front, and you’ll get a better website for it. We’ll tailor the process to fit your budget.

Strategy is the first step
Now start thinking about your message
Your proposition, how your story will unfold
How you’ll turn visitors into customers

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