Choose a Website Builder

A Wix or Squarespace
Simple, easy, entry level
A total package

Lots of templates to choose from

Website builders like Wix or Squarespace are great if your business only needs a really simple website. And if you want to spend the time to do it yourself. Website builders tend to be quite simple and more limited in design than WordPress, but remember, you’re building only the site you need and you can manage. With a Website Builder you are buying a total package: you get hosting, URL, the website templates and everything from the one provider. It’s a simple canvas for telling a simple story


Website Builder

Simple and easy to use

You don’t need to know how to code or have any technical knowledge at all. You just drag and drop on a template (they call them themes). It’s easy to learn to use the platform and build your own fully functional website with support from the provider on hand. It is possible to run high-traffic sites and eCommerce sites well although these will cost you more. But remember, it’s about being found on Google and with limited SEO tools, that might be an issue


These tend to be less flexible than WordPress. The free or entry level versions aren’t as flexible as the free WordPress option. Unlike WordPress where you can add lots of functionality, website builders tend to be fixed, and adding more advanced SEO tools or maps or sliders and special features aren’t an easy part of the makeup. You’re also limited to a certain number of pages. Remember also, they may take a commission on sales. If that’s all you need then great, but if you need more, then think carefully

Getting a Website Builder website

1. Choose your Website Builder

The provider is renting you web space and use of their website builder. Find the package you need and set up your email addresses. You’ll need to buy the hosting and pay the annual URL registration fee – these are annual recurring fees. You’ll get one website and one hosting in the package. When you log in you’ll be able to choose a template, and start building

2. Choose one of the Website Builder’s theme

Themes are pre-made websites that you can change. Website builders like Wix or Squarespace come with a choice of free themes. You can even add in dummy content so you can see how the website works, then you can start changing things. You’ll be able to change colours, fonts, and there’s some flexibility in layout. You can add pages, and if you buy a shop it will integrate payment systems like paypal and stripe and you’ll end up with a website that works

Our services for a Website Builder Website


Choosing and setting up

Because Website Builders like Wix or Squarespace are for small businesses that want to save money on the build we don’t help set up your website and we don’t populate it for you. The guide above will help you set up. Tell us which provider you want to go with (you need to feel totally confident in them) and we can advise you on templates to choose. See other options here

What you say and how you look

If you choose a Website builder then we can help you with messaging and brand. We’ll also help you with keywords and SEO text. Adapting the Website Builder’s template is down to you, we can provide original imagery and film if you need it – or feel free to use the links to photo libraries. We can also provide scaled images if you don’t have access to editing software like Photoshop yourself. See full offering here

Getting Found

Different Website Builders have different SEO tools to use – you’ll need to tell us what fields on every page you have available. We’ll help you with keywords and SEO text accordingly. And provide optimised content for each page with meta text and keywords for you to input in the correct fields. We can also provide you with a content plan and guide on how to write optimised content to support your SEO. See full offering here

content not code

Now start thinking about your message
Your proposition, how your story will unfold
How you’ll turn visitors into customers
And how much help you’ll need to get it right

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