The tech isn’t the issue, it’s what you say that counts

You don’t need to go bespoke
And you can get online on a budget
There are free and low cost options out there
You can DIY to save money

Before we recommend what tech you use we’ll first look at the business, the stage it’s at and where your budget is going to be best spent. And if your business really needs it we can go bespoke, but most small businesses would be better off using one of the free or low cost website platforms wisely. For instance, if you are an architect we’d probably tell you to spend as much as possible on photography and telling your stories.  Or if you are an accountant, what might differentiate you are the tools and calculators you put on your website. Both of you need to spend on your SEO. We’re not here to sell you a platform, we’re here to deliver a marketing website build that works as hard as possible for your business
website build and design
website build tools

1. Use A Website Builder

These are simple pre-built websites from companies like Wix or Squarespace. Because they are easy to use – you drag and drop and add your words and pictures to their template – they are very popular. You don’ t need to know how to code and plenty of small businesses use them. They tend to be a business’ first website, great to just get out there – but check the limitations, including SEO and the number of products you can feature. Also templates tend to be more fixed and you may be limited on the number of pages you get. Remember, it’s what you say that counts, and to be ranked you need to say enough and to be convincing. A Website Builder is something you can definitely build yourself – but the business may outgrow it

Website Builder
Wordpress website build tool

2. Use WordPress

WordPress is a very simple drag and drop content management system with a lot of power. It is used by over 75 million websites worldwide. Major brands including The New Yorker, BBC and Disney use WordPress. It is very scale-able and there are thousands of beautiful pre-built templates for you to use which you can change and adapt to suit your business. WordPress is designed to be used by people with no technical knowledge so to manage the website or even to do some of the website build you don’t need to know how to code. WordPress is free and you can add advanced functionality including thorough SEO with free plugins. And if you need it, you can even get a techie to add bespoke code. It’s designed for people who want to get online, look amazing and be future-proof – which is why this site is built in WordPress

Use WordPress
bespoke website build tools

3. Use A Bespoke build

First of all, if your business is of a scale that you need a bespoke website then you’ll need to budget more time for it. It’s more expensive because they require specialist coding, but you can get exactly what you want. Similarly, if you need your website to do specific functions, integrate with databases and management systems or there is a business need for a particular programming language then this is what you need. We’ll lead the tech team, ensuring the creative is done right and the build matches your business needs. See the bespoke websites our principle consultant has delivered in this way  click here

Go Bespoke

Now start thinking about your message
Your proposition, how your story will unfold
How you’ll turn visitors into customers

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