SEO is the story Google is searching for and things it wants to see

SEO and page rank
META text, tags and Alt tags
Content strategies and social media
Link building and SEO plans

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and page rank is both technical and creative. It’s about content, links, compliance and good structure and coding. It’s as much the stories you tell, the words you use and the engagement you create as it is Meta Text and Alt Tags and Site logic. And then there’s link building – which is getting your content liked, linked to and shared by others. When your website is popular it’s because it’s content has real value.
search engines and SEO

content not code

SEO is in the DNA of your website

Most web design companies say they’ll do your SEO but they’ll often say it costs extra. We don’t understand this: you can’t write effective websites without understanding about keywords and their density and how search engines work. And once you’ve done this you’ll know what your meta text and Alt tags are going to be. It makes sense to write your content, build your pages and make the tiny adjustments that green light the page for search engines from the start and as you go along – not as a separate process at that end. SEO is an art and a science art. And it’s the DNA of your website. It’s not something you can just bolt on at the end.

Think about your content
Your proposition, how your story will unfold
How you’ll turn visitors into customers
And how they’ll find you

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