Plan to have a website that does what you need it to do, at as low a cost as possible

What you need it to achieve
Budget and timings
How much of it you can DIY
How you’re going to promote it

First things first. Do you need a website? They are a financial commitment not just in getting it up and running but to keep it running. It will take time to manage it and you’ll need to think about how you promote it and use it. But if you have a story to tell and products to sell, and are ambitious about what you do and how far you can push it, a website can make it happen. What’s important is that you don’t rush it and you don’t expect it to be a magic bullet. A website is just a tool for selling. It will sell your products and it will sell you, but it won’t do any of that unless you plan it carefully, and work out how and why people will find it.

Plan your website

content not code

Plan to have a website that works hard


Strategy is having a website that works hard and delivers customers

To get the most out of your investment in a new website you need to get the thinking straight first. We’ll help you define your proposition, line up your key messages and sort out how you are going to position your company online. Brand and cut through and putting clear water between you and your competitors is as important top small businesses as it is to large brands. And we’ll think about how the website is promoted and how it supports marketing online, in the real world, with SEO, in Social Media and PR.

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Content is what you say and how you say it. It matters

What you say matters. And having expert content writers saying what you need to say in a way that makes visitors do what you want them to do, counts too. We’ll make sure your website is simple and engaging, and that it looks and sounds the part. Once we’ve defined your proposition and lined up your key messages, we’ll write your website and find the imagery that works. We’ll deliver content that is SEO optimised and make the many small adjustments as we build the website that makes it work and gets customers doing what you want them to do

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SEO is the story you tell and is what Google is searching for

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and page rank is both technical and creative. It’s about content, links, compliance and good structure and coding. It’s as much the stories you tell, the words you use and the engagement you create as it is Meta Text and Alt Tags and Site logic. And then there’s link building – which is getting your content liked, linked to and shared by others. When your website is popular it’s because it’s content has real value.

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