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How can I reduce the cost?2019-10-07T11:44:44+01:00

Two things will affect the cost.

  1. What you need the website to do: in other words how big is it? The number of pages, if it’s a shop (these are much more involved as you’d imagine).
  2. How much you are going to do yourself: the more you do, the less it will cost. If you’ve got a very small budget, spend it on getting what you say right and on your imagery. Then, if you’ve got zero budget for the build, use a website builder or WordPress and do it yourself.  You can do it yourself, both options just take a little time to get your head around and take a little time to make the most of.
A website company has quoted me around £500, why shouldn’t I go with them?2019-10-07T11:42:01+01:00

Maybe you should, if you feel it’s right for your business and the stage it is at. Here’s what you need to think about.

1. What do you actually get – usually these are pretty simple websites, around 5 pages. That’s not giving you a lot of options for your SEO – and getting found is the most important thing, great content is what you need, and enough of it.

2. Are they advising you on your messaging or just giving you their platform? These are usually tech. companies with a platform to sell or a local web designer. But do they know marketing? Is the content down to you? Find out exactly what they are offering, and make sure you know what you are getting. If their build is good, and they can do everything you’d want them to do, we’re happy to lead the creative side for you and plug in with them.

3. What SEO tools do they offer – make sure you’re getting some great SEO tools that you can edit yourself.

4. Make sure you have access to the backend – so you can update the website yourself, and edit it without having to go back through the designer.

5. Are you signing up to a contract, an annual fee? Check for any hidden costs.


Why would I choose WordPress?2019-10-07T11:39:01+01:00

Choose WordPress if you need a website that you can DIY but doesn’t look like you have DIY-ed it. WordPress websites look fantastic. They can grow with your business and can be made to work exceptionally hard. If you want to be able to ramp up the SEO this is the best option. If you want to DIY, choose WordPress and we can set it up for you so you can build it, and we can be on hand to help. This website is built in WordPress.

Why do I need someone to write my website for me?2019-10-07T11:38:11+01:00

Making sure the website works is an art  and a science). Content needs to be short enough to be read, yet long enough to tell your story. Language is important. And so is getting in all your key words and phrases – the key words that google will be looking for. But it is more than that: it’s about understanding audiences and how to tell a story in a way that’s motivating, supporting, reassuring and guides them towards your desired outcome. It’s not just about writing copy, it’s understanding marketing – your proposition, messaging and tone of voice. Which is why we are here – with The Website Works, you get the same people who write for big brands and high street names, writing for you.

Why do I need a bespoke website?2019-10-07T11:36:02+01:00

The truth is, you don’t – unless your business is at the stage where you need something special. You may have special functionality in mind, or databases and systems you need to integrate with. Going bespoke is a bigger deal. Big brands will have bespoke websites, but they’ll often be running templated ones too. If you do go bespoke, we’ll reach out to specialist programmers in our network and it will take longer and cost more. Depending on the size of the website, as a guide the cost will start around 5-6K. You need to make the most of the investment, so you are thinking about messaging, customer journey and brand and you know you’ll need marketing professionals to lead it, not just people who know how to code. It’s worth knowing, you can add bespoke code to WordPress, which might work out more cost effective and ensure you also have budget to ramp up your SEO and social. We’ll help you decide this in the scoping stage.

Why do I need to spend money on pictures?2019-10-07T11:32:32+01:00

Pictures make your website. A great picture can say so much more than words can – and so can a dreadful one.  People judge by what the see (a book by it’s cover). If you don’t look the part, you’ll be dismissed pretty quickly. So it’s worth thinking carefully about the pictures, colours, typography and the graphics you use. Think of it like this – if your pictures are low res and fuzzy, badly composed, or just a bit boring or run of the mill, then the overall impression is that your business website looks nothing special – what does that say about you?

If I choose WordPress, what are the fixed costs?2019-10-07T11:29:01+01:00

You will need to buy your URL

This is your web address. It is an annual recurring fee paid to a registration company.  If you buy a website builder package they usually include a web address in the deal. If you go WordPress, you’ll be able to buy hosting and URL together. It will cost around £10 a year. Website addresses that finish .com cost more than those finishing .co.uk. Obviously you might not get exactly the one you want, someone else might already have taken it, so you might need to try a few out. Use a company like 123-reg to find one you’re happy with.

You will need to buy Hosting

This is the web space you rent from a hosting company. Your website is hosted on their servers. If you buy a Website Builder package, you are usually actually buying hosting and they give you the basic website for free. If you go WordPress you buy hosting separately and you could buy hosting for multiple websites and sub domains for not much more – all of which could be good for your SEO. Typically hosting will cost you around £5-6 a month.

You might need an SSL license

This is a secure site license. It gives visitors confidence that your website is safe to use (see the padlock in the browser bar of this website). It is essential if you are taking any payments or gathering data. But for every website, Google looks for this so from a ranking perspective it’s a good idea. SSLs cost around £50 year

WordPress is free, but you might want to buy a premium theme

Premium themes tend to be easier to use, quicker to get going with and really, just more beautiful. They tend to have more functions pre-loaded and the best ones have comprehensive user guides and tutorials included. They cost around £30-40 as a one off fee.


I need a website. How much will it cost?2019-10-07T11:23:01+01:00

Without understanding your business and needs a website is difficult to give a cost. First we need to know how big it needs to be, how many pages, what functions it needs, and the story you need to tell. We need to know what your audience need to see in order to be convinced. And is it a shop? How will you refresh the content? How much do you want to do? And that’s just for starters.

We begin with a free consultation, this is to understand what you need and to recommend the most cost effective way to get it. We’ll give you a rough outline cost, if you are happy with that then we start scoping and we’ll agree with you a fixed cost and timings to deliver a website that works.

The free consultation. What do I get?2019-10-07T11:20:47+01:00

This is an initial phone call and it’s the beginning of the marketing consultation process you’ll need to undergo in order to get a website that works. It’s best to arrange a time to call as it will last between 20 and 30 minutes. It’s a chance for you to outline your need and we’ll start to give you some options. Here’s some of the questions we’ll ask you, so come prepared:

  • About your business, audience, market etc
  • Why do you need a website now
  • Timescales
  • Budget
  • Appetite to DIY some of it
  • Any relevant information

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