Build a Bespoke Website

Suits larger businesses
Integrate with systems and databases
If you need unique functionality

Have exactly what you want, how you want it

If your business is of a scale that you need a bespoke website you’ll need to budget more time and money for it. It’s more expensive because a bespoke website requires specialist coding, but you can get exactly what you want. If you need your website to do very specific functions, integrate with databases and management systems or if there is a business need for a particular programming language then this is what you need.

bespoke website writing and design


A serious website

By which we mean more complex. The process is more involved as well. If your business is at this stage then you have probably already done a lot of brand thinking. We’ll need to understand your business and any guidelines, tone of voice and customer insights you have. Also your processes and systems that need to be included. You’ve probably got a simpler website that the business has outgrown so we may need to see or commission audits and analysis of that so that we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. And because hard-core techies will be involved, you’ll be hearing phrases like IA, UX, UI, CX mapping and customer journeys. We’ll deal with all of that, the most important thing is getting the message right so that the customer journey is more satisfying (to them and to you)  and getting found online – which means great content and great SEO.

Getting a Bespoke website

We do the messaging and content. And lead the build

If you do need a completely bespoke build we’ll partner with specialist companies in our network to deliver the tech. And depending on need we’ll decide either .NET or PHP. You’ll get the same service our principle consultant offers big brands through our parent and we’ll do it to the same on-a-budget principle. Which means you keep a marketing expert driving your website and crafting your message online not the techies or designers alone. This is how the people behind The Website Works have delivered for major UK brands. See bespoke websites delivered by our principle consultant below

Our services for a Bespoke Website


Choosing and setting up

We’ll double check that you do actually need a bespoke build ( it is possible to add bespoke code to WordPress so this might be a cheaper option if you only need some bespoke features). If you do need to go bespoke we’ll get in quotes from different tech teams, whether its .Net or PHP. We’ll manage it, brief them on your behalf and take leadership of the build so that you don’t have to have detailed technical conversations and be blinded by their science

What you say and how you look

If you choose Bespoke then we do the messaging and brand. Our skill is in designing templates that work and we’ll provide original imagery and film if you need it. And feel free to use the links to photo libraries. We can also provide all the assets ( pictures etc) to the dev. team to reduce their costs

Getting Found

We’ll help you with keywords and SEO text and provide optimised content for each page with meta text and keywords. We can also provide you with a content plan and guide on how to write optimised content to support your SEO. We will introduce you to our SEO partner and they’ll lead on all things SEO  – especially on executing the link building strategy. See full offering here

content not code

Now start thinking about your message
And how you’ll turn visitors into customers
How your website will get found
Where you can keep costs down

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